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The History of Johns Pass – Maderia Beach, FL

The Johns Pass Bridge, circa “late 50’s” to “early 60s”…

There is not a lot of clarity on exactly how the Pass acquired its name. There’s a variety of speculation since accurate records have not been uncovered, but the common denominator in all of them is a gentleman by the name of John LeVeque.

Some accounts suggest he was pirate, yet there is no record of him ever harming nor holding a hostage for ransom. Other theorists suggest he was just a humble landowner trying to make a go at Life as a fisherman.

Wherever the truth lies, we know that during the bad hurricane of September 27, 1848 John LeVeque was looking for safe harbor while sailing north in the Gulf of Mexico toward home…what is now Madeira BeachIn the morning following the storm, he found that his home island had been cut in two and he discovered a new way into Boca Ciega Bay.

John LeVeque made the first passage through the new inlet, hence the name of the Pass.

And the Pass today…

As you can clearly see, a lot has changed however #JohnsPass has retained the character that it’s always been known for. for more information about the activities and shopping at John’s Pass Village, please visit